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Mario Carini

Kemptville, ON


Digital art offers so much for the imagination! It's a medium just right for me as I can experiment in avenues not easy to reproduce on canvas. Ever since I got my first desktop back in 1997, I fell in love with creating graphic artwork.Much has changed since then with the power that many programs offer the inquisitive artist.

At the time I took to working with Paint Shop Pro, version 3 as I couldn't quite afford Photo Shop. I've been using it since then, now loaded with just about every plugin and filter imaginable. Since I'm so curious about how programs work, I've come to understand several software to enhance my creative work. Besides just PSP, I use Filter Forge, Pop Art Studio, Ultra Fractal, Dynamic Auto Painter, Mandala Maker and Repligator to name a few. All this knowledge translates into fine art of special quality and a curiosity to keep stretching the limits of my imagination.

Besides FAA, my works can be found on Deviant Art, Renderosity and EBSQ Art. .

If that wasn't enough I also love to write about subjects dealing with health, self-improvement, business and lifestyles. Written works can be found on Constant Content, Triond and Helium which is scheduled to close in December, 2014 (Tears!!) I'm currently in the process of writing a book on self=improvement and motivation which should come out in 2016, the year of my retirement.

Retirement does not mean I'll be out to pasture. By no means! I'll still be creating on my deathbed if only to use my last breath to make a statement!


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